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Pediatric Rights / Responsibilities / Parents / Guardians / Surrogates

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The rights and needs of children/adolescents and they, with their parents/guardian/surrogate, shall be:

Respect for:

  • Each child and adolescent as a unique individual
  • The care-taking role and individual response of the parent
  • Provision for normal physical and physiological needs of a growing child to include nutrition, rest, sleep, warmth, activity and freedom
  • to move and explore.
  • Consistent, supportive and nurturing care which:
  • Meets the emotional and psychosocial needs of a child
  • Fosters open communication

Provision for self-esteem needs which will be met by attempts to give the child:

  • The reassuring presence of a caring person, especially a parent
  • Freedom to express feelings or fears with appropriate reactions
  • As much control as possible, over both self and situation
  • Opportunities to work through experience before and after they occur, verbally, in play or in other appropriate ways
  • Recognition and reward for coping well during difficult situations

Provision for varied and normal stimuli of life which contributes to cognitive, social, emotional and physical developmental needs:

  • Play, educational and social activities essential to all children and adolescents
  • Information on what to expect prior to, during and following procedure/experience and support in coping with it.
  • Participation of children/families in decisions affecting their own medical treatment.
  • Minimization of facility stay duration by recognizing discharge planning needs.

Parents/family* shall have the responsibility for:

  • Continuing their parenting role to the extent of their ability
  • Being available to participate in decision-making and providing staff with knowledge of parents/family whereabouts

*The family consists of those individuals responsible for physical and emotional care of the child on a continuous basis, regardless of whether they are related.

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