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    Southern New Mexico
    Surgery Center

    2301 Indian Wells Rd. Suite B
    Alamogordo, NM 88310

    Phone: 575.437.0890
    Fax: 575.437.0905

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    Our Services

    Southern New Mexico Surgery Center is a multi-specialty center, providing excellent care to all of our patients. Click here to learn more about the various programs.

    Patient and Visitor Info

    Who wants to go to a hospital? We provide an alternative to a hospital stay that can be uncomfortable and disruptive to one's routine. Click here to learn more.


    Billing and Insurance

    Billing Information for our patients

    Our staff at the Southern New Mexico Surgery Center realize just how confusing, frustrating, and time-consuming medical billing can be! Navigating through insurance company EOB's (Explanation of Benefits), co-payments, deductibles, physician office statements, and facility fees is not a fun way to spend your day. To make the task easier, we offer this guide to medical billing for the services you have received at the Southern New Mexico Surgery Center.

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    You will receive the following categories of statements:

    • Southern New Mexico Surgery Center Facility Statement
    • Insurance Company Explanation of Benefits (EOB)
    • Surgeon or Treating Physician Statement
    • Anesthesia Provider Statement
    • Pathology Services Statement (if performed)

    The Surgery Center facility bill represents charges for your services at our center. The bill does not include fees for your surgeon, anesthesia provider, or pathology services. These entities bill for their own services separately.

    Co-Payments & Deductibles

    Your insurance may require you to provide co-payments for your procedure and require that your deductible be met before receiving additional benefits. Prior to your surgery, the Southern New Mexico Surgery Center will verify your insurance coverage and contact you to inform you of your co-payment and deductible responsibilities. We require co-payments and payment of deductibles at the time of service. We accept cash, check, and credit cards. A direct link for patient payments has been included on the SNMSC website. You are able to pay online utilizing the patient payment box located in the right column in a green box labeled "patient payments".



    If you are not covered by insurance, we will require payment in full prior to your procedure. We will contact you prior to your procedure to inform you of the facility fee and facilitate payment arrangements.

    Out of Network
    If the Southern New Mexico Surgery Center is not contracted with your Insurance company, we will provide your services on an “Out of Network” basis and our business staff will contact you personally before and after your procedure to assist you with your billing process. Your insurance company will send you their Explanation of Benefits (EOB).  Your facility fee bill will come directly from the Southern New Mexico Surgery Center. Please call us if you have any questions regarding your insurance company's Explanation of Benefits.

    If your insurance company sends their facility fee check directly to you, we ask that you call our business office and send the check to our facility within five days.

    Surgeon or Treating Physician

    Your surgeon or treating physician will provide you with their own statement covering their professional services. Please contact the surgeon/physician office to discuss billing issues.

    Contact Numbers

    For questions regarding your Southern New Mexico Surgery Center facility bill, please first call 575.437.0890.

    If you still have concerns, please call our on-site business office at 575.437.0890. Our goal is to provide you a personalized, professional service from start to finish!



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    News & Media

    Southern New Mexico Surgery Center is a 2012/2013 National APEX Quality Award Winner.
    This distinction recognizes outstanding healthcare organizations that demonstrate the highest levels of excellence in patient satisfaction throughout the United States in markets served by CTQ.