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    Southern New Mexico
    Surgery Center

    2301 Indian Wells Rd. Suite B
    Alamogordo, NM 88310

    Phone: 575.437.0890
    Fax: 575.437.0905

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    Specialty Programs

    Southern New Mexico Surgery Center is a multi-specialty center, providing excellent care to all of our patients. Click here to learn more about the various programs.

    Post Surgery

    Who wants to go to a hospital? We provide an alternative to a hospital stay that can be uncomfortable and disruptive to one's routine. Click here to learn more.


    Patient Rights

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    Adult Patient Rights | Pediatric Patient Rights

    Southern New Mexico Surgery Center - Patient Rights

    1. The right to efficient and equal service, regardless of their race, sex, religion, ethnic background, education, social class, physical or mental handicap or economic status.

    2. The right of considerate, courteous and respectful care from all staff of the facility in addition to care provided that is free from abuse, harassment, discrimination, and reprisal.

    3. The right of complex information in terms the average patient can reasonably be expected to understand.

    4. The right to informed consent and full discussion of risks and benefits prior to any invasive procedure, except in an emergency. Alternatives to the proposed procedure must be discussed with the patient.

    5. The right to obtain assistance in interpretation for non-English speaking patients.

    6. The right to know the names, titles and professions of the facility staff to whom the patient speaks and from who services or information is received.

    7. The right to refuse examinations, discussion and procedures to the extent permitted by law and to be informed of the health and legal consequences of this refusal.

    8. The right of access to patientís personal health records.

    9. The right of respect for the patient’s privacy.

    10. The right of confidentiality of the patientís personal health records as provided by the law.

    11. The right to expect reasonable continuity of care within the scope of services and staffing of the facility.

    12. The right to respect for the patientís civil rights and religious opinions.

    13. The right to present complaints to the management of the facility without fear of reprisal.

    14. The right to examine and receive a full explanation of any charges made by the facility and regardless of source of payment.

    15. The right to request credentialing status of any physicians or staff at Southern New Mexico Surgery Center.

    16. If you have an emergency or are in labor, you have the right to receive within the capabilities of the staff and facility:

    • An appropriate medical screening exam
    • Necessary stabilizing treatment (including unborn child)
    • An if necessary appropriate transfer, even if you can not pay or do not have medical insurance or are not entitled to Medicare or Medicaid.

    17. Patient Responsibilities

    • Providing Information: We ask that you provide the physician and staff involved with your care the personal information necessary to deliver and administer care. This personal information, provided upon admission, may include information about past hospitalizations, previous and concurrent health problems, medications and treatment (including any vitamins or herbal supplements), insurance data, executed Advance Directives, and all other matters pertaining to your health status. Communicating in a direct and honest manner with doctors, nurses, and other hospital staff members about matters or conditions that concern your health will help us care for you. We ask that you assume responsibility for your discharge. Please immediately inform the staff of any perceived unsafe, unclear, or unreasonable request or situation. Please inform the staff of your whereabouts and probable return time if you leave the patient unit.

    • Comply with Instruction: So that we can serve you and others better, we ask that you keep your appointments or schedules, and notify the appropriate individual when you cannot keep them. You are the most important member of your care team and we expect you to fully participate in your plan of care and to follow the prescribed therapies and treatments ordered. Before you go home you should understand all of your discharge instructions. Review all prescriptions with your caregiver, make sure you can read the prescription, and know how to take the medication. Review all follow-up appointments and ask if they already have been made or if you must call the physician or health service to make the appointment. Review all home health arrangements including how to contact the home health agency if needed. During the course of your hospital visit you may have questions or concerns about the care you and your loved one is receiving.

    • Refusal of Treatment: By following your physician's instructions, you are doing your part to get well. If you refuse treatment and fail to follow your physician's instructions, you are responsible for the outcome.

    • Facility Charges: Your financial obligations for healthcare provided are your responsibility and we ask that you address them promptly.

    • Facility Rules and Regulations: Please respect and follow the rules and regulations regarding patients while you are at the facility. Please refrain from social behavior that may offend others or be dangerous to health, including the use of alcohol, tobacco products, non-prescribed medications, or drugs.

    • Respect and Consideration: We ask that you and your visitors be considerate of other patients. Additional respect pertains to the facilities rules regarding visiting hours, smoking, and noise. Please respect the facility property, treat such property with reasonable care, and be waste conscious.

    • Conflicts Concerning Patient Care: Please inform the Facility Administrator should a conflict concerning your care develop between you, the parent/guardian, the facility staff, or physician. If there is a conflict, the Facility Administrator will try to resolve the matter for you. Failing this, the matter will be referred for resolution to the Medical Director, who will review the matter with you (or the guardian), and the physician. You will be continuously informed during the resolution process. Please be aware that presenting a complaint will not serve to compromise your future access to care in any way. We need your involvement with your treatment plan. If you disagree with the plan or are unable to comply, talk to your healthcare team.


    Physician Ownership Disclosure

    The partners listed below make up the partnership of Southern New Mexico Surgery Center. An interest in this facility enables them to have a voice in the Administration and Medical Policy of this health care institution. This involvement helps ensure the finest quality surgical care for their patients.

    Some of the physicians also perform surgery at other surgical facilities in Otero County. If you have a preference of where your ambulatory procedure is performed, please let us know. Special emphasis is placed on patient feedback so that we can treat you professionally and courteously at all times.

    Dr. Douglas Dodson

    Dr. Eric Freeh

    Dr. John Anderson

    Dr. Timothy Frost


    Southern New Mexico Surgery Center - Grievance / Complaint Process

    Receiving Complaints
    The Facility Administrator will be responsible for receiving all patient complaints related to the Surgery Centerís privacy policies or alleged breaches of the privacy policies.

    Facility Administrator contact information:

    Patsey Bridges
    2301 Indian Wells Rd. Suite B
    Alamogordo, NM, 88310

    No Intimidation, Retaliation, or Request to Waive Rights
    Patients have a right to file complaints with the Facility administrator and with the government. To report formal grievances directly to the NM Department of Health call 1-800-752-8649 or the New Mexico Medical Review Association (for Medicare beneficiaries at 1-800-663-6351.) These governmental facilities may be accessed directly without notification to the Facility Administrator. Employees of the Surgery Center must act cooperatively with patients who wish to file a complaint. The Surgery center cannot intimidate, threaten, coerce, or take any retaliatory acts against the patient the patient for filing a complaint with the Surgery center and/or government. Upon receipt of the complaint the facility will notify the patient of changes in process/procedures within two weeks in writing following the original notification of the complaint. Policies of specifics of processes available upon request.

    Upon receipt of the complaint the facility will notify the patient of changes in process/procedures within two weeks following the original notification of the complaint. Policies of specifics of processes available upon request.

    Click here to learn more about The Office of the Medicare Ombudsman's (OMO) or go to:

    NM Department of Health
    2040 South Pacheco Street
    2nd Floor, Room 413#
    Santa Fe, NM 87505
    Contact Number: 1-800-752-8649

    New Mexico Medical Review Association
    5801 Osuna Road NE
    Suite 200
    Albuquerque, NM 87109
    Contact Number: 1-800-663-6351

    The Surgery Center cannot ask patients to waive their right to complain to the government or to the facility.

    Duty To Mitigate
    If the Surgery Center learns of a breach of its privacy policies or of a HIPPA requirement that has not been met, it must try to reduce the harmful effects caused by the breach.

    Documentation of Complaints
    The Facility Administrator will be responsible for documenting all patient complaints and the disposition of the complaints. This documentation must be kept for at least six years.

    Complaints Against a Business Associate
    The Surgery Center must also take complaints from patients regarding the privacy practices or alleged violations by the Surgery Center business associates. The Facility Administrator must investigate all such complaints. If, upon investigation of a complaint, the Facility Administrator identifies that the business associate has materially violated a term of its agreement with the Surgery center with respect to protection of patient privacy, the business associate must be contacted and asked to stop or correct the activity involved. If the business associate does not respond to these requests, the Surgery Center must take steps to terminate the contract as discussed in the Business Associate Policy.


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    Southern New Mexico Surgery Center is a 2012/2013 National APEX Quality Award Winner.
    This distinction recognizes outstanding healthcare organizations that demonstrate the highest levels of excellence in patient satisfaction throughout the United States in markets served by CTQ.